Middle School Masterplan for Pueblo of Zuni, New Mexico


Middle School Master Plan for Pueblo of Zuni
Pueblo of Zuni, New Mexico

This feasibility study and preliminary program analysis for the
Pueblo of Zuni focused on developing an appropriate middle school
design for the Pueblo community.

The feasibility study recommended a school focused around a
central core of shared library and media resources.
The study also recommended that the overall buildings develop a
strong relationship to:

• Their surrounding landscape
• Elements of traditional Zuni culture

These two elements, Zuni culture and the surrounding landscape,
are integrally related to one another because many elements of the
Zuni tradition refer to specific elements, locations and directions
surrounding the Pueblo.

“Mr. Diament immediately impressed our Building Planning Committee with
his expertise, along with his willingness to listen to the needs and concerns
of the committee. Every year, the new staff and students comment about
the pleasant and functional facility that now houses our 6th through 8th
grade students. The design of the building is open, bright and greatly promotes
comfort and learning.“

From Hayes A. Lewis
Superintendent, Zuni Public School District #89

Zuni Middle School

Zuni Middle School