University of Colorado - Denver


University of Colorado at Denver
Information Technology Initiative
Denver, CO



Project included multi-media training, laboratory, and
presentation spaces; multi-media lecture halls, and interactive computer classrooms. Services included design of architectural, electrical, acoustical, and telecommunications systems. Coordinated work with range of faculty, administrators and departments at UCD.

Trained faculty being introduced to computer classrooms. Coordinated furnishings and equipment with University’s smart classroom equipment.. Prototype training facility including computer and multimedia facilities, smart classroom technology.
Project included architectural, mechanical and electrical modifications based on a set of prototype layouts developed with University staff. Design accommodated lecture, collaborative workshop and individual instructional styles.


This was an ambitious project with many goals and limited funds. In addition, the project was subject to a rigorous process of internal academic discussion.
The bid was bid to an open field of general contracts with the low bid coming in within a half of a percentage point below our construction cost estimate. Our key to success in this context
extended to the full range of design services from programming through construction administration.

In the programming phase we helped our client look at the full range of options for delivering the functions that the University required. These ranged from focusing renovation on a single building to dispersing funds throughout classrooms over the entire campus.
Because of the fact that the project was bid to an open field of general contractors, our design cost control methodology focused on developing a project that would be of great interest to contractors appropriate for delivering the project. This meant making the project attractive to small contractors who could put a small crew on the project over an extended period of time.