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Logan School
Logan School for Creative Learning
Denver, CO
The Logan School for Creative Learning was designed to focus around its new library facility. The library facility includes books, periodicals and extensive information technology facilities. This library and school were produced on a very tight budget within a renovated correctional building at the Lowry Air Force Base. Logan School
Because of budget constraints, each architectural element was closely evaluated in terms of its construction cost and value. For example, ceilings open to structure were specified because they emphasized a sense of openness and flexibility, allowed high-quality indirect lighting and allowed for ease in running data cabling. The resulting spaces were not only functional and economical, but also
open and attractive to students as well as the school
community as a whole.

This project was constructed economically—at a price of less than half the cost of a typical school building
Logan School

“Your work at Logan inspires:

-You took a thirty year old prison that fettered human spirits and transformed it into a K-8 school that liberates human spirits;

-Where dark and confining corridors led to more of the same, you created a surprising variety of intriguing vistas and sense of openness;

Logan School

-Where a succession of stifling dormitory rooms and offices once were, you created expansive and colorful classrooms where gifted children and teachers can let imaginations soar, and;

-When fire codes required second floor egress, you designed a multi-functional balcony with seating areas, whimsical canopy frames, and stairways that are as good for sitting and artistic production as they are for exiting the building.

I marvel at your attention to detail, careful documentation of construction, and punch list/warranty follow-through that honors human persistence, fairness, and diplomacy.”

James Cowperthwaite
Trustee and Former Interim Head of the Logan School

Logan School

Logan School