Denver Public Library


This project included programming, cost analysis, and specification of interiors, furnishings, shelving and equipment for the new central branch of the Denver Public Library. The project included:

  • Interiors and functional requirements coordination with each library department
  • New furnishings
  • Restoration of existing historic furnishings
  • New shelving systems and storage systems
  • Archival storage
  • Compact filing systems
In addition, the project included design of millwork and new custom-designed furniture. Marc Diament produced this project as Project Manager for W.E. Kieding Architects, Denver, Colorado.

Design considerations included the following:
  • Functional considerations for each library department
  • Cost analysis of options for meeting functional requirements.
  • Integration with information technology systems
  • Handicap accessibility
  • Long-term maintenance and durability issues.
“Marc demonstrated an adherence to schedules and an ability to ascertain his clients’ needs. He consistently asked clarifying questions to help assure that he understood my perspectives and to verify that I in turn comprehended design options. Client conferences can at times test everyone’s patience, but Marc made the experience enjoyable for me by infusing humor and a sense of enjoyment in seeking solutions. Overall, Marc gave me an understanding of the complexity of architectural design and execution. He often offered several possibilities for solutions which were realistic. His creative insights made projects successful.”

Jim Kroll
Manager, General Reference and Nonfiction
The Denver Public Library