Colorado Historical Society


Colorado History Museum
Plaza Renovation
Denver, CO

Designed safety features to mitigate excessive skateboard traffic and vandalism at History Museum and Judicial Center Plaza. Project was expanded to include design features at the pedestrian plaza to the south of the museum.

Dexter Cabin
Historic Assessment and Renovation
Leadville, CO

The Dexter Cabin was initially constructed in the 1800s. It is an unusual structure for the Leadville area in that it presents a rustic log cabin appearance from the outside; however, its interior is extensively finished to a high level of detail. Interior finishes include historic wallpaper, wainscoting, flooring and ceiling finish materials.

Marc Diament Architecture produced documentation for the structural renovation and repair of this structure. Structural repairs to the existing logs were required because many of them had degenerated and rotted dangerously. The structural repairs were challenging because of the fact that interior finishes were attached directly to the logs that needed to be removed and replaced. In addition, in the course of evaluating and designing a structural solution, Marc Diament Architecture’s design team discovered that there were site drainage issues that had originally caused the moisture accumulation which led to the cabin’s structural problems. Within the limited funds available, our team chose to address these site drainage issues as well.

Georgetown Loop Railroad
Retaining Wall Restoration and Structural Repairs
Georgetown, CO

Restoration and structural repairs to existing retaining walls and soil stabilization systems. Preservation of existing historic drystack wall systems. Redevelopment of soil stabilization techniques compatible with original historic construction.
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Pearce McAllister Cottage
Electrical Renovation and Master Site Plan
Denver, CO

The Pearce McAllister Cottage in Denver is currently the home of the Museum of Miniatures, Dolls and Toys. Marc Diament Architecture produced a master plan for phased rehabilitation of the museum.

Baca House
Porch Repair
Trinidad, CO

The historic porch of the Baca House was rehabilitated based on a design by Marc Diament Architecture. Services included design of the restoration, structural repairs and related archaeological investigation.

Barglow House
Roof Repair
Trinidad, CO

Marc Diament Architecture developed the design and supervised construction of roof repairs to this historic property in Trinidad, Colorado.

Security Studies
At Various Locations

The Colorado Historical Society collections are a vulnerable mixture of staff, volunteers, and visitors interacting with historic sites and artifacts dispersed over a wide geographic area. While only a few artifacts are masterpieces of great valuation, the
collection as a whole is highly valuable. It comprises pieces popularly traded on both regional and international markets both legally, and unfortunately, illegally as well. In addition, all sites house artifacts which carry strong personal meaning and historic symbolism to Colorado residents.

The level of security provided for these historic sites and artifacts is below the accepted museum standard for materials of this type. The combination of the low level of security and the remote location of many sites creates a security threat not only to the artifacts themselves, but also to the historic sites as a whole.
More important, these conditions pose a threat to the safety of staff, volunteers, and visitors.

Security issues included the following:
  • Centralization of security functions at CHS facilities headquarters in Denver.
  • Separation of fire alarm manned security functions at all properties.
  • Enhancement of security and personnel safety functions at all properties.
  • Coordination with other state agencies