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Marc Diament Architecture, PC has completed numerous projects that demonstrate our commitment to sustainable design including energy conservation, pollution prevention, waste reduction and recycled materials usage.

The following are a sample of projects completed by Marc Diament Architecture:

Magdalena Combined School
Magdalena, New Mexico

Wind protection and sun exposure.

This combined public school includes a central library and adjacent outdoor courtyard. The town of Magdalena is at an elevation of 8,000 feet in the New Mexico high desert. Key design considerations included wind protection and sun exposure leading to a design of linked, protected courtyards. Sustainable design features included:

• Nature planting windbreaks.
• Simple, locally available materials such as concrete
• Building orientation to maximize solar advantage.

Pueblo of Zuni
Middle School Master Plan

This feasibility study and preliminary program analysis for the Pueblo of Zuni focused on developing an appropriate middle school design for the Pueblo community.

The feasibility study recommended a school focused around a central core of shared library and media resources. The study also recommended that the overall buildings develop a strong relationship to:

• The surrounding landscape
• Elements of traditional Zuni culture

Sustainable design elements included:
• Use of Native American features and building elements to respond to local climate conditions:
1) Wind protection
2) Solar advantage
• Reinforcement of contemporary building groupings with historic form
language of the traditional pueblo courtyard.
• Integration of existing construction into overall
master plan to reduce demolition/reconstruction costs.


The Logan School for Creative Learning
Denver, Colorado

This library and school were produced on a very tight budget within a renovated correctional building at the Lowry Air Force Base.

Each architectural element was closely evaluated in terms of its construction cost and value. For example, ceilings open to structure were specified because they emphasized a sense of openness and flexibility, allowed high-quality indirect lighting, and allowed for ease in running data cabling. The resulting spaces were not only functional and economical, but also
open and attractive to students as well as the school
community as a whole. The school’s board has abandoned their formal meeting room and now meets in the library itself.

Sustainable design features included:

• Renovation/adaptive re-use of existing jail facility.
• Use of functional materials for maximum effect,
For example, ceilings open to structure were
designed because they created a sense of
openness and allowed high quality indirect lighting
and ease of construction.
• Landscape based on natural grassland planting.
• Orientation of major public spaces to take
advantage of solar gain.
• Overlapping use of space to minimize construction
costs and increase efficiency.
• Incorporation of student art work as part of the



State of Colorado Mailroom Facility
North Campus, State Capitol Complex
Denver, CO

Renovation and addition to accommodate mailroom and integrated document facility. Renovation included drainage, landscaping and paving throughout a 10 acre site.

Sustainable design features included:

• Daylighting and zoned interior lighting.
• Reuse/renovation of existing facilities.
• Use of open turf paving system in fire lanes to minimize run-off, heat build up and maximize useable pedestrian space.
• Dry landscape plantings at building entries.
• Open structure ceiling design to increase opportunities for indirect lighting and sound

Colorado State Parks
Cherry Creek State Park Entry

Entry forms were designed to emphasize the integration of man-made elements with the existing natural wetland/grassland environment.

Entry forms are integrated with wetlands plantings to present an example of integrated sustainability.

• Wetlands are incorporated as part of the project
• Pedestrian and bicycle traffic is integrated in the
• The resulting landscaped elements focus attention
on the effective resource use/conservation message
of the State Park facility.
Magdalena School
Cherry Creek State Park